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Smallwood Lake Board Members


Phyllis' parents bought the log cabin on E Sun Oil Road when it was new in 1948.  This was our go-to vacation spot when we lived out of state and then became our weekend place when we returned to MI in 1980. Our children grew up sharing space in the single room cabin, using an outhouse, a wood stove for heat and an aluminum row boat for water sports.  In 2001 the property became Phyllis' and we built a new house with indoor plumbing, a furnace and bedrooms!  We try to live at least half the year at the lake and the remainder we are in in Troy, close to some of our children and grand children. Of course, 2020 was spent mucking out the damage from flood water: multiple inches in the house and 2.5 feet in the log cabin. We are glad to be back to normal (sort of).

John Hart

Vice President

Jack Dalton


Phyllis Hart


Mark Mudge


Timothy Saleski


Sean Cleland


Ron Travis

Alternate Trustee

Donna Hendershot

My grandfather, Al Miller bought the property in 1946 and built the log cabin in 1947. My father, Don Miller, bought the property next door about 1970 and built a 2 story building we call the barn and a pole building.  My parents retired in the 80's.  In 2011 my husband and I retired and moved into the log cabin.  During the flood we had 2.5 feet of water in all three buildings.  We are almost back to normal with a lot fewer things.  We are here all year around. 

Alternate Trustee

Stephanie Stephens

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